A centrally supported, enterprise-level document management system provides many benefits for the Texas A&M and the A&M System.

Benefits for Texas A&M and the A&M System

Save costs through shared central support and eliminating the need for individual departments to maintain their own systems.

Facilitate document sharing with colleagues while protecting confidential information.

Enhance overall office efficiency by eliminating paper-based processes, improving information accessibility and decreasing the need to store paper documents.

Ensure continuity of operations by securing records and providing web access to critical documents during emergencies.

Streamline life-cycle management of business records with automatic enforcement of consistent, organization-wide records policies.

Support compliance requirements for document retention.

Benefits for Campuses, Agencies and Departments

Maintain control of department documents with Laserfiche repositories.

Protect documents from unauthorized access. Tools allow system administrators to set permissions for folders individuals can view and actions they can perform on documents.

Track system activity with auditing and reporting tools.

Increase office productivity by automating repetitive procedures, document routing and email notifications.

Locate documents quickly with indexing tools and online search capabilities.